20 February, 2024

Victory for Lotto-Dstny at Ruta del Sol

The Tour de Andalucía has been short this year, too short. One of the races most eagerly anticipated for being one of the first of the season, always welcomed with the hunger we have for the competition to begin after a few, but long, months of expectation, had to be largely canceled due to farmers’ protests.


One stage, only one stage could survive. This past Friday we managed to see the riders on their bikes for a scant 5 km route.


However, as they say, in the face of setbacks the best attitude is to accept it, embrace it and make it your own.

And that’s what the Lotto-Dstny team did with Maxim Van Gils, if the Tour has to be short let’s make it faster.

The Belgian beat all his rivals in 8 minutes and 17 seconds. Van Gils returned to the team bus 10 seconds before Juan Ayuso, second in the standings, where he received the news, he was the winner of the stage and, well, actually, of the entire Tour.

This demanding time trial with virtually every meter uphill was almost a classic 10-minute test for the cyclists, as Maxim acknowledged:

“It’s a pity that the other stages have been cancelled now, but it is what it is. This was actually comparable to a 10-minute test on training camp, it’s a good sign that I could win and it gives me confidence for what comes next”.

The Flandrien’s performance amazed even the speakers of the race, who celebrated the advantage he already had over renowned rivals at the end of his part, in what was also Maxim’s first contact with competition this season.

Orca Aero

The short and demanding profile of the time trial was also a great test for the Orca Aero, whose power and versatility gave a wonderful response. Thousands of hours and sessions in the wind tunnel, track testing and the immense knowledge of aerodynamics that experience brings Orbea do not materialize until competition gives its blessing.

We are happy, the small appetizer of this very short Ruta del Sol leaves us hungry for much more.


The season has started off well! Lotto-Dstny has already tallied up three victories right out of the gate. We’re biting our nails, we can’t wait.