“I’m happy to be in this team”

Everyone agrees: Vid Persak (22 years old) is a great guy, as a sportsman and as a person. In his second season in the Orbea Fox Enduro Team, he still has lots of room to progress further.

Our team is betting on him for the Enduro World Series alongside Damien Oton. In fact, we shouldn’t be at all surprised if he’s in the Top 20 this year.

Vid is a restless person who loves and cares about this sport. In addition to all this, he spends a good deal of his time sharing his experience with kids.

What’s your goal for this season?

My goal is to win. But winning doesn’t always mean coming in first. Winning means offering the best version of yourself all the time. Personally, I know I can do well, but I need to work more and improve. Having fun and pushing the limits are the things that motivate me to keep progressing.

Damien’s arrival has been a real incentive

Damien is a star of enduro racing and my idol. He’s the guy we have to listen to. He has so much experience… He’s an outstanding rider and a good friend. We can all learn a lot from him. It feels great to belong to a team that blends his wealth of experience with younger riders.

It’s quite apparent that the Orbea Fox Enduro Team is a tightly knit group.

We get along great and the team is very well structured. With Primož at the helm, wherever we are, he makes us feel at home. His management experience is pure gold and he always provides us with everything we need. Then there are the exceptional people, like our mechanic Javi. He’s like a bike doctor and goes to great lengths for us not to blame the bike for a poor result. He’s an amazing mechanic and a great guy, as long as you don’t eat his cookies (laughs). And I shouldn’t forget to mention our technical and marketing departments. They always make sure we get the best material and provide us with the best advertising. I’m happy to be in this team.

How would you present yourself as a rider?

I’m a born worker and very competitive. I love to exceed myself in every event. My curiosity knows no limits when I have to think about how to improve and progress as a rider. I’m really good when the slopes get steep and technical, but I still need some more bike park training.

What have been those great moments in your career?

I think the under 21 category EWS podiums as a privateer are quite an achievement. But I think there have been two milestones in my career that I feel very proud of: my third-place result in the European Championship and the fifth place in the Petzen/Jamnica EWS.

Your teammates refer to you as an all-rounder

I do a lot of things as well as riding a bike. I’m studying at the University of Ljubljana to become a physical education teacher. I try to absorb all the knowledge I can to progress in my sporting career, but also grow as a person. I love the open air, skiing and, especially, training the kids at the MTB school.

Tell us a little more about this training

I work at a local MTB club teaching young kids to be better riders. I also organise summer camps for kids who are interested in this type of cycling. They like adventures for several days on a bike where they learn to handle themselves and feel more secure on their bikes. My passion is to share my knowledge with kids and contribute to the future of this sport.

What spot would you recommend for crazy enduro bikers?

That’s easy: the Trans-Nomad: plenty of incredible trails, unforgettable views, you make new friends and have tons of great times. I think that’s why I love riding bikes.

Have you any message for your followers?

Sometimes, making an effort might seem useless, but the rewards come to those who believe and persevere in the endeavour.

Vid Persak’s Track Record

  • – 1º Sloenduro 2018
  • – 5º EWS Petzen 2018
  • – 29º EWS La Thuile 2018
  • – 1º Slovenian National Championship 2018

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