9 August, 2019

We Are Orbea: are you ready to join the community?

Cyclists form a passionate community that's respectful of nature and the environment and defends its cycling values at the stroke of a pedal. We welcome you to join this community of enthusiastic cyclists who share a common bond: their love for Orbea.

We are Orbea.

We are Orbea for the history, for values, for Marino Lejarreta, Catherine Pendrel and Julien Absalon. Because we have a shared vision, and our dream is to breathe life into it together.

For the soul of every bike. Because we believe in pedaling long after we've crossed the finish line. Because we'll always be in pursuit of the best materials, solutions and technologies for your needs.

For the events that bring us closer: Monegros, L´Ariegeoise, Klasika de Bilbao, Orbea Borders Festival and many others. Because we've built up years of stories, victories and trust.

For our stores that value professionalism, care and passion for detail. Because we're a cooperative that gives back to society what it has given us.

For trips to the Pyrenees, the Alps or any other summit around the world. For the races, podiums and goals. We are Orbea from Mallabia to Melbourne. We are Orbea, wherever we are.

You are Orbea.

And we want you to be a part of it. We invite you to join our We Are Orbea communities on Instagram and Facebook, share photos of your bike and the places it takes you.

Tag your photos on Instagram with #MyOrbea and we'll feature a bike every day. Or post your photos on the Facebook page, where you can share ideas, ask questions and help with answers, creating a global Orbea community together.

We'll also share some of your photos on our official Orbea pages and give away great prizes that you don't want to miss.

Are you ready to be a part of We Are Orbea?

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