23 April, 2024

What is OOLab?

As a company of passionate riders and creative engineers, we have a clear goal: to develop unique, high-performance bikes for passionate cyclists like us. We want to elevate the riding experience, whether that means faster, further, or just more fun. While we are constantly developing the next generation of bikes, we also need a space to explore new solutions and create future technologies. That is why we created our OOLab project, allowing us to experiment freely.

The department of ideas


OO stands for Orbea Optimization; however, the infinity symbol perfectly reflects the limitless nature of the research. This is a space where we can experiment without the strict need for success, a place where the only goal is to learn and challenge established limits. You could think of OOLab as our department of ideas, where anything sufficiently interesting can be investigated.

OOLab testing

Where passion is tested


By separating these OOLab projects from the development of a specific bike, we create a space where our team and key partner brands have the freedom to unleash their creativity and passion.


OOLab is also where we bring together all our skilled testers, racers and ambassadors to test ideas in the real world and push new solutions to the limit on trails, roads and race courses.

Testing with OOLab team
Testing OQUO wheels

Test, tweak, terminate and try again


An OOLab project starts with an idea. It could be a problem we want to solve or an opportunity we see to elevate the riding experience. Typically, the first steps are taken in the laboratories we have created in our Basque Country factory, packed with custom testing equipment.


But riding passion isn’t developed solely in laboratories; for that, we need to take our ideas to the real world. We need to match data with feelings and sensations, looking for that magic spark that makes riding better.

OOLab Orbea Orca
Testing with OOLab team

Not all ideas make it; only the very best will make their way onto an Orbea bike of the future.

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