31 January, 2018

We have a winner of the Orbea Instagram Challenge!

We have a winner of the #OrbeaInstagramChallenge! Erdem Şen!! His design, the one you see in the cover picture for this post, received the most votes from our Instagram community, from among the thousands of designs  that have been entered since last October in this challenge we proposed to celebrate that there are now more than 100,000 of us on this social network that is so special to us.

Erdem can now enjoy the bike of his/her dreams. Although sometimes, reality can surpass even your dreams.

Here is the surprise we have in store for you: the Orbea Orca Special Edition. When we launched the #OrbeaInstagramChallenge last October, we told you we were also going to participate. Now, the contest winner, can choose which bike he’ll take home to his garage: the design he entered or this exclusive bike that we are presenting to you today, that honors one of our favorite social networks?

Erdem Şen has a tough decision to make: will he opt for the design that made him a winner or for the fabulous Orbea Orca Special Edition? Which would you pick?

We invite you to support him tomorrow in the last instagram pool that we will hold at 12:00 pm (spanish time – gmt+1) on Instagram.

Congratulations also go out to Iñaki Arrieta, finalist in the #OrbeaInstagramChallenge: it’s quite an accomplishment to make it this far from among the more than 6,500 designs presented and after more than one hundred thousand votes received in the different elimination rounds.