2 November, 2016

MyO: a bicycle as unique as you

Throughout our more than 175-year history, customization has always been one of our best weapons. Ever since we started to manufacture bicycles, our objective has remained unchanged: to make sure that you can pedal a bike that is exactly what you want.

Every user is unique. We all know that looking for the same type of bicycle does not mean that we have the same bike in mind… or the same needs. There are users who take out their road bike seven days a week, and others who give it a less intensive use. There are those who put their MTB through the most impossible trail rides, and others who prefer to enjoy the freedom of the mountain over more relaxed terrains. There are users who prefer to invest in the drive train, while others prefer to have the latest fork on the market; some are looking for maximum lightness when putting together the bike components, while others are considering whether to have one, two or three chainwheels…

In the end, what's important is for the bicycle to be set up just how you want it: selecting from among different sprockets, wheels, seat, etc. to choose those that best match how you want to use your bike. In short, you can go as far as you want with the customization of your bicycle. This is MyO, our commitment to manufacture for you the exact bicycle you need, just like you've designed it, either at orbea.com or with the advice of your Orbea distributor.

The value of customization

In the early days of Orbea, when we were dedicated to the manufacturing of pistols at our small workshop in Eibar,customization was already what set our products apart from the rest: the fine work of damascening, gold and silver details, the engraving of the customer's initials…the goal was for the owner's identity to be reflected in the product.

Customization has remained a value at Orbea throughout the different eras through which the sector has passed: adjusting bicycles to the measurements of each person when the manufacturing model consisted of cutting and welding the frames; offering the possibility of selecting components once the sizes were imposed by set geometries; putting the rider's name on the bicycle when airbrushing began…

However, until a few short years ago, we never gave a name to this vocation – which has always been a part of us – to create for you the exact bicycle you want. We now call this way of giving you a bike as unique as you are MyOrbea (MyO).

MyO or MyOLite?

MyOrbea is customization on different levels. In many cases, it simply consists of you selecting your favorite components for your ideal bicycle, and then we build it: we call this option MyOLite, and it covers the entire Orbea roadmountain and triathlon range. MyOLite lets you have a bicycle with, for example, the brakes that give you the best sensations, the wheels from the brand you trust the most, the chainwheel or seat you prefer…instead of the standard model offered.

But there are also riders who want maximum exclusivity, and that's why we propose MyO and all it offers for our OrcaAlma and Ordu models: in the most complete version of MyO, besides selecting your favorite components, you can also choose the color or the combination of colors for the frame and put your name on a bike that is potentially just as unique as you are.

A different way of doing things

Orbea's industrial model is what makes it possible to provide this level of customization and flexibility, at no added cost for the user: Orbea is not a bike warehouse. We are bicycle manufacturers, we have some very technologically advanced painting facilities, and above all, highly technically qualified people who coddle every step of the process.

Those who paint and assemble your customized bicycle entirely at our headquarters in Mallabia are also huge bike fans and are company owners. That's why, in someways, every MyO bicycle bears their name as well as yours.

100% of all Orbea bicycles already have a recipient when they are manufactured. Our planning is revised on a weekly basis, and our production is scheduled every day: we only manufacture what we have agreed with our dealers and each of the bicycles that you have ordered from us through MyOrbea.

This model is more sustainable for everyone. As a customer, you know that your bike is not a product built on a production line, rather something created exclusively for you. That's why it is very likely that you'll form a special emotional bond with it that will cause you to take better care of it and try to make it last as long as possible.

The dealer, as always, is an essential part of the equation. First of all, because their advice will be very useful to you when deciding which components best match your characteristics and how you are going to use your bike. But even if you customize it yourself and pick it up at your usual store, you'll continue to visit the dealer who will follow the evolution of your bicycle throughout its service life (providing adjustments advice, spare parts, etc.).

For us, MyO and MyOLite are an association that we have built with you and with many other cyclists around the world. It's a way of working that inspires us to fulfill your most exclusive desires, or just simply to build exactly the bicycle that you need.

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