18 April, 2016

Orbea's 175th Anniversary: we keep on going, even after we cross the finish line

There are many causes but only one reason why a company is still around after 175 years. As José María de Arizmendiarrieta put it, this has to do with the capacity to reinvent and transform oneself. Orbea has always placed a special emphasis on this. Being the first to set foot on a path that many now travel means that the word 'future' has always been part of our vocabulary. We have always been guided by our determination to leave the company better than when we found it.

Orbea has forged its way by constantly reinventing ourselves and remaining faithful to our origins in Eibar and the Basque Country. An entrepreneurial and transformational spirit is part of our genetics. We transform products, always keeping in mind what it is that our customers want. We also transform society. Always giving back at least as much as we have received.

One of the keys has been our capacity to understand the needs of our customers and to manifest them in the form of excellent products and services that are useful and exceed expectations. Our everyday task is to do this in a way that is profitable, distinctive and unique. It is what has allowed us to reach where we are today.

Today Orbea keeps this spirit of distinctiveness alive. We are marking our own path based on the firm conviction that knowledge can only be obtained through proximity and humility. Our armory ancestors cultivated the art of transformation and manufacturing close to their customers. Today we can claim that proximity as our own as well as the heritage of the European bicycle industry.

We proudly present this heritage through distinctive products, setting our own rules and making an expert, demanding and passionate audience's dreams come true. Like our people, these customers contribute to spreading the legend of cycling day after day.

It is only by taking what we do very personally and remembering exactly where we came from that we manage to offer something so different in a global world. It’s also from knowing that our brand integrates the craftsmanship and entrepreneurial spirit in our genes with the heritage of European industrial know-how. It is here where the essence of bicycles and cycling has its origins.

At Orbea we see ourselves as a giant with our head in the clouds and our feet on the ground. That's the way we are: capable of looking towards the future with the security that comes from a good foundation. This is the only reason why we have been able to be part of three centuries so far, and we will continue along this path. We have already taken the first steps we do not want to abandon. We will continue our journey with the same values that we have always had, which refer to history, commitment, knowledge, innovation, transformation and above all, constantly reinventing ourselves on a daily basis seeing the same reality with different eyes every day.

This vision allows us to see a little bit further; it reveals a passionate future, where bicycles and cycling are called to play a key role not only in the world of sports, but also in urban mobility. You will also find us employing all our know-how to make this world a more friendly and sustainable place.

175 years are a lot, but they go by quickly when they are lived with the passion that we have at Orbea.