1 June, 2015

Orbea Campus

Our fighting spirit, deeply rooted in the cycling tradition and full of warmth, caught a whiff of Barcelona and concentrated in the historic cycling store in the city.

1km is the distance between 1 Carrer Gran de Gràcia and 321 Carrer del Consell de Cent. A few weeks ago, Diego took the dust off the old boxes in the basement, full of cycling memories and stories, and carried the precious treasure to the new store.

A few days ago, I visited Orbea Campus and met the team: Pedro, Nil, Roger, Neus, Ricardo and, of course, the veterans: Diego, who was so enthusiastic about the new project, and Sisquillo, who compared his experiences as a mechanic in Cipollini’s team to those he is having this year with Nacer Bouhanni.


Orbea Campus is not about the physical space but the mystique around it.

The challenge lies in taking the traditional concept store one step ahead, ‘holding users’ hands and guiding them through their evolution on two wheels,’ whether this means their first pedaling attempts or the improvement of their racing performance.

This is a symbol of our commitment to building relationships with the cycling community that go beyond mere transactions.

On a more-down-to-earth level, it means offering the best advice on cycling gear and services, organizing interesting training activities and planning cycle tours along the trails in Collserola.