1 August, 2016

Seeking Adventure

The confines of our everyday lives seem less restrictive while exploring by bike. Or perhaps even non-existent.

And while we recognize the various interpretations for what constitutes adventure, we view it simply as that which gets you out and discovering new things. Exploring and recharging by bike – with friends or alone – is what we consider paramount.

How many times have you passed that road and wondered where it led? How many routes and/or regions are on your list of places you’d like to ride? Our list seems endless and eternally growing, and after several conversations and a few why nots?, we decided to pursue action.

The Sportful Squadra Avventura is a group of like-minded cyclists with the simple goal to explore these roads and make some checkmarks on our list of places we dream of riding. Along the way we’ll chronicle our adventures, capture our memories, and introduce you to our motley crew of adventurers.

We have some big plans, but we are also allowing ourselves the flexibility to take advantage of whatever opportunities may present themselves along the way. We invite you to follow our journeys, and hope they may encourage you to pursue your own.

Let the adventure begin.