17 October, 2017

All in for the presentation of the 2018 range!

September is always an intense month for us. These are the weeks we rack up kilometers to present our new range of bicycles around the world. This month in Spain, we held the world premiere of our new ebikes the Gain and Wild FS, which have already begun to attract attention from very important media outlets around the world.

In fact, both Bike Radar and Cycling Weekly coincide in their headlines presenting the Gain: “the e-bike that doesn’t look like an e-bike”, which is exactly the impression that our hybrid gives the first time you see it, and it is also the slogan we used to launch it into the market.

Bike Radar also echoed the launch of our E-MTB Wild FS, calling it “truly wild” and highlighting the “smart integration” of its motor and battery. The U.S. publication Bicycling, in turn, stresses that the Wild FS will be one of the first ebikes to include the “impressive” STePS E-8000 motor from Shimano. This is one characteristic that also caught the attention of Mountain Bike Magazine in Germany.

This is one of the most receptive countries in the world to the possibilities offered by bicycles with pedal assisted motion, and so we are very satisfied with the repercussion that the launch of the WildFS has had in publications like Pedelecs & E-Bikes and emtb news.

Just as September was about to end, Bike Radar published its first impressions of our Katu E-50. Staff writer Jack Luke was very clear about it: “I take my hat off to Orbea for being bold enough to make something this unique.” “The Katu is the ideal platform for e-bike-ification”, he concludes.

Terra, winner of the test by Cycling Plus

In a month when we’ve been dedicating all our energy to letting you know about our new launches, it’s been a real rush to see how Terra, our all road model, emerge as the winner of the Cycling Plus test, as the best of the six new bikes that appeared for the first time in the British market. With a score of 4 out of 5, the magazine – a true reference around the world for road cyclists – defines Terra as “a gravel master that isn’t compromised by road work”.

A shower of stars for Orca and Avant

But it wasn't just our latest launches that received good reviews in these last few weeks. Our racing (Orca) and endurance bikes (Avant) have received excellent scores from very important media sources on both sides of the Atlantic.

Bike Radar, one of the most respected voices in the world when it comes to bicycle tests, tried out the Orca M20 Pro MyO, giving it 4.5 stars out of 5. Senior Technical Editor Warren Rossiter describes it as “fast, light and an exceptional climber.”

Bike Radar also tested the Orca M11i LTD (4 stars out of 5), this time at the hand of its technical editor Robin Wilmott, highlighting the ride. Robin had already tried out this model for the August issue of Pro Cycling, concluding that “the latest Orca has transitioned into a road terrain-neutral all-rounder that’ll satisfy anyone looking for a great bike to race or just enjoy covering ground rapidly on”. You can read the full test results by clicking on this link.

This same model was put to the test by the U.S. magazine Bicycling, and the title of the post already gave us some clues about how tester Elspeth Huyett felt on the Orca: “Could Be Your New Mojo Maker”: “It felt like it floated over the roads. The handling shined at one rainy race full of 180-degree turns. The Orca responded to every signal without being twitchy, and let me change my line at the last minute without dire consequences”, she concludes.

The praise for our most emblematic road bike continued in the British Cyclist magazine: after stressing Orbea’s reputation as the designer of climbing bikes, Matthew Page describes it as “a thrillingly fast and impressively agile bike with a real penchant for going uphill,” giving it 4.5 points out of 5!

This is the same score that Bike Radar once again gave the Avant, our gran fondo bike, which has already been recognized on several occasions in 2017.Warren Rossiter emphasizes that “the Avant feels wonderfully at ease, this is a bike built for big, challenging distances”.

Rallon, bike of the month

We are especially excited by the warm reception given to our new Rallon in the specialized press (“An impressive machine,” “For top-level competition,”, “Incredible”), and we want to share it with you in a special excerpt where you can see what the world’s most demanding testers from the best MTB magazines (Enduro Tribe, Singletrack, Solobici, etc.) have had to say after trying out the fifth generation of our enduro machine.

The Rallon has also played a starring role this month as the official bike of the Trans-Nomad, one of the top enduro stage races in the world, for which we were the Premium Sponsor.

The event received very special attention from one of the leading websites for MTB lovers: nothing less than Pinkbike, which published this incredible summary of the race.

All in with the Orca Aero

Encouraged by the warm response you gave the special excerpt review on Rallon, one week later we launched one on the Orca Aero, with the same purpose: to share with you the reception of our most aerodynamic bicycle that has received fantastic reviews from the world press since we premiered it in this year's edition of the Tour de France. Click to see what the media have had to say about it, including the U.S. “Velonews” (“One of the best-handling aero bikes I’ve tested this year”) and the Australian “Cycling Tips” (“The steering of the bike is highly reactive and immediate”).

As you can see, we're very excited to take on the last quarter of the year, with the warm reception you’re giving our 2018 range! Thanks to everyone!

…But since we know that bike fans do not live by reviews alone, we’ll end this review with a video in which our friends from the Global Cycling Network help us to understand the differences between gravel bikes, aero bikes and lightweight bikes.

Stay tuned for more next month!