22 November, 2023

Bringing e-Enduro Racing to the Next Level

Simply put, the E-EDR is one of the most challenging race circuits in the world.

These races provide the perfect place to push our products to the limit and learn how they perform.

Having riders like Flo Espiñeira and Edgar Carballo is incredibly important, riders who can take their bikes to the limit but can also give detailed feedback to the technical team.

The new Wild has changed the game for our riders. They love the new bike.

That should come as no surprise because they had considerable input into the development!

Flo Espiñeira at e-Enduro Racing.
Flo Espiñeira at e-Enduro Racing.

Flo is a shorter rider and finds that the short rear triangle and Steep’n’deep design make Wild more manoeuvrable in tight spots. Edgar always pushes hard, and the Wild’s lighter weight, lower frame and aggressive geometry perfectly match his riding style.

Both riders highlight Bosch’s CX race motor. Again, this should come as no surprise;

This is the only motor which has been developed specifically for the racetrack, and they had plenty of input in the development stages.

Orbea Wild with Bosch at e-Enduro Racing.
Orbea Wild with Bosch at e-Enduro Racing.

The trick is how the power is delivered; full power arrives fast and hard, and then the drive continues for a moment when the riders stop pedalling.

It is enough to maintain speed on rough ground or over obstacles and helps get full power out of tighter corners, giving riders clear advantages.

Bosch works with our team, helping test new motor systems and tune existing ones.

Orbea Wild with Bosch at e-Enduro Racing.

For them, having direct feedback from some of the fastest riders in the world is a vital part of the development process.

Their goals are clear and well aligned with ours: to develop the best products and continue driving the sport forward.

You can find Bosch’s Performance CX Race motor on our e-Enduro machine, the Wild.

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