7 February, 2020


Every rider is unique. We all understand that different riders seeking similar bicycles do not always have the same bike in mind.

There are riders who take out their road bike seven days a week, and others who enjoy a simpler, relaxed weekend adventure. There are those who put our MTBs through the most impossible trail rides, and others who prefer to enjoy the freedom of the mountains in more relaxed terrain.

In the end, what’s important is that your Orbea is built just how you want it: choose graphics, gearing, cockpit and component options that best match how you want to ride.

In short, you can go as far as you want with the personalization of your Orbea – this philosophy is our commitment to deliver the exact bicycle you need, just as you’ve designed it.

Today, we want to present four people’s points of view on sport and how they understand and practice it. In Orbea, we have the arguments to adapt ourselves to all of them. And to you too.


Haimar is a guy who’s into finance and plans his pedalling time like someone who’s balancing an account. He’s an elegant guy whose file is full of great routes. He likes to discover things and go riding.

He admires cyclists who convey their power, without the frills: Olano, Boonen, Sagan… Haimar is also a powerful rider, one of those guys who likes to go riding in any kind of weather. He can usually be found on Strava, he’s regular and flawless guy.

A sportsman who takes his hobby very seriously and who’s profile -as he himself says- fits in with that of being a pure road biker and an all-rounder.

With credentials like these, his choice is quite straightforward: the Orca OMX, our most highly evolved competition model. A bike that improves performance from the very essence. The model he chooses is the M10iLTD, fitted with electronic Dura-Ace, Mavic carbon wheels, disc brakes and integrated cables thanks to its OC stem and handlebar components.

Haimar is a well-sized sportsman and a good performer on all kinds of terrain. That’s why, his gearing ratio is like that of a well-prepared cyclist: a 52x36T with 11-28 sprocket cassette on the back wheel. He also chooses the largest crank arm available (175 mm), all fitted on a size 57 bike with a powermeter.

Orbea provides him with many more personalization options. From choosing more components (wheels, handlebars, saddle…), to other ergonomic aspects such as handlebar width or stem  length. The choices he’s opted for fit his needs to perfection.

Finally, Haimar has given his Orca a discreet metallic graphite tone; simplicity which is hardly broken by the golden details on the forks. The range of options here is also enormous, with an outstanding palette of colours and ground-breaking design patterns for the forks.


Joseba is to bikes what a gourmet is to haute cuisine. What could you expect: he’s in charge of the Orbea Road product range.

You could find a person like Joseba on the Tourmalet or on the Tour of Flanders. Always on the search for new challenges and with an indomitable will to succeed. And if he can do it on a unique bike, all the better.

Concepts such as reactivity, watts, weight/stiffness ratio, aerodynamic efficiency, integration, volume reduction, etc., form part of his daily jargon. Guided by his instinct, he checks out our personalization tool to set the trend with a Gain, our electric road bike. An exceptionally lightweight, sporting bike that gives your hours and hours of enjoyment. Just what a devourer of kilometres and slopes like Joseba is looking for.

The personalization options here are also enormous. Joseba explores the options in the components section: handlebars, saddles, seatposts… The end result, a Gain M20i (one of the range’s four options), a carbon frame, an electronic Ultegra groupset, Mavic wheels, and OC components to ensure full integration of the whole set up.

He values the option of acquiring a Range Extender, an external charger that extends the Gain’s battery autonomy by 70%. Just for starters, he prefers a 30×11 Shimano Ultegra cassette, guaranteeing him great performance, in the pedal assist mode or without it.

The choice of a 110 mm stem, integrated into a endurance geometry, completes his selection of components. As regards aesthetics, Joseba likes to stand out with a bold design in which the colour red for “passion” is the star of the show. An aggressive look for a bike to churn away the kilometres on an endless road.


Lierni is a young explorer. There’s no doubt that when it comes to getting lost in forests and trails, it’s all the same to her whether it’s near the sea or in the Pyrenees. She loves competing and enjoying herself equally. Nature and cycling for her form part of the same equation. Participating in events here and there are her excuse for discovering new paradises.

Lierni knows that any escape can turn into a unique adventure. And in the search for her ideal bike, Lierni explores our mountain repertoire. Her choice, the Occam. Lierni decides to go for the top-of-the-range model: the Occam M-LTD. An all-round machine that comes with fantastic standard equipment. From the impeccable Fox DPX2 suspension through to the Shimano XTR in the groupset and brakes and the DT Swiss XMC-1200 wheels, backed by their performance in the most demanding rides.

Lierni makes chooses a set of Maxxis High Roller 2.50 tires. Lightweight and with plenty of grip. Maximum security for tackling any kind of terrain. And to top it off, a contained 45 mm stem for an optimum riding position, integrated into the Occam’s trail geometry.

Lierni likes to squeeze the best out of life riding her bike. May be that’s why it was clear for her from the start to dress it up in a lemon-yellow tone. A colour that doesn’t go unnoticed. A sign of freshness, because pushing the boundaries for Lierni is something that’s fun and necessary.


Doug is a Scotsman who one day fell in love with the Basque Country… And has stayed here ever since.

He doesn’t recall having spent an entire day without riding his bike. He’s a bike junkie and has turned his addiction into his way of life, something that he shares with others who have a passion for MTB. It’s his job to accompany them pedalling through some awsome places. He’s a guide, photographer, traveller, surfer… Doug is one of those bikers for who a cold beer is the perfect end to an epic day’s ride.

He’s the first to test the gear and the first to venture out to impossible places. No challenge is too ambitious. Searching for the limits, embracing technology and new trends, that he quite often takes to the limit.

In his search, Doug chooses the first fully customizable electric MTB: the Wild FS. Knowing full well that it brings out his wilder side even more. When choosing his components, it’s the suspension that plays a key role. Seeking total control, he favours the Fox Float X2. An ideal option for his tougher enduro escapes: multiple settings and the highest precision.

Doug discovers an endless number of personalization options in Orbea. Something quite offbeat in an e-bike of these characteristics. Everything can be adapted: the wheels, tires, battery charger, the saddle, the seatpost or the suspension itself. Among the available options, he prefers a second battery, that he sets up into the front triangle: 500 Wh of extra power to turn his escapes into endless adventures. Plus, he chooses a 150 mm dropper post that adjusts perfectly to his height of 1.80 metres. A genius and an icon.