28 May, 2024

Diem wins the most prestigious design awards

We realized that we still had a pending debt. We had yet to applied all our expertise to the urban category.

We set a goal for ourselves: to show the world what we are capable of offering to the mobility sector. It was a huge challenge since it wasn’t a matter of updating an existing platform, but rather creating one from scratch. We had a blank slate.

Después de tres años de desarrollo y testing, Diem ha visto la luz.

When we take on projects like this, we use a series of guidelines that help keep us on the right path. In the case of Diem, these were marked by our product pillars: performance, smart design and personalization.

Después de tres años de desarrollo y testing, Diem ha visto la luz.
Después de tres años de desarrollo y testing, Diem ha visto la luz.

But we had to be realistic: it was also necessary to set some limits, and in the case of Diem, the only limit was the end user. This might sound confusing, so let’s put it another way:

We select each and every one of the materials, define the frame shapes, integrate each of the components to the maximum, implement all the functionalities and apply the final finishes, all with one objective in mind: to offer the best user experience through a high-value product to anyone who chooses bicycles as a means of transportation. Nothing is left to chance on Diem.

Después de tres años de desarrollo y testing, Diem ha visto la luz.

After three years of development and testing, Diem has finally been released and is now available through our main dealers. We can confidently and proudly say that our goal has been met and our debt has been paid. Diem is the Orbea product that has earned the most recognition in the shortest amount of time. Proof of this is these three awards:

Cycling World Europe

The latest edition of the “Cycling World Europe” trade show -the leading urban cycling exhibition in Germany- saw the first introduction of Diem to the general public and professionals. This event was the starting pistol of the race toward the success of our new platform. The panel of judges, made up by different experts in design and cycling products, named Diem their “Product of the Year.”

“Diem is impressive for its overall innovative concept, its interesting frame geometry and numerous attractive details.”

– the judges explained.

iF Design

iF Design is another of the important awards we have won, in this case specifically for the Diem design. Winning this award means going through a rigorous two-stage selection process at the hands of world design experts. Diem stood out from among more than 11,000 products entered in the competition, from 72 different countries.

The judges described its design as :

“Simply functional and elegant for the urban setting.”

Red Dot

Red Dot is our latest award until now. One of the most important design competitions in the world, it recognizes quality and innovation by designers and manufacturers in creating new products.

In this case, the panel of judges described Diem as:

“An elegant ebike that impresses with its smart lighting system, which noticeably increases its active safety in traffic.”


But Diem doesn’t just stand out for its elegance, agility, user friendliness and reliability. Diem is introduced as the spearhead of an ambitious project through which we are seeking to become a leader in the urban mobility sector. We guarantee that all the innovation, attention to detail and knowledge acquired during the development of this project will be present in future products in this category.