6 February, 2018

Gain, winner of the Design & Innovation Award 2018!

The German magazines Granfondo Cycling, E-MountainBike and Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine have recognized the “pioneering” nature of our hybrid road bicycle. In their own words, Gain “will change the life of many cyclists.” After astonishing journalists from around the world with its revolutionary concept, Gain has now earned new recognition by winning the category. This seal recognizes bicycles that represent an achievement in the bicycle industry in terms of their design, innovation and performance.

Among the reasons for giving this award to the Gain, they indicate that “will change the lives of many cyclists, allowing them to rediscover their two-wheeled freedom” and the “pioneering work” done by Orbea’s engineers to create “a simple but well-functioning electric road bike”.

They also highlight the “very high level” performance of “both the software and hardware of the powerful 250 W Ebikemotion X35 motor” and its “stylishly integrated battery and rear hub motor”.

The Design & Innovation Awards are given by experts, professional testers and journalists from the magazines GRAN FONDO Cycling Magazine, E-MOUNTAINBIKE Magazine and ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine, who performed more than 6,000 hours of tests to reach their verdict.

A few weeks before giving this prize to our road e-Bike, the magazine Granfondo published an exhaustive test of the Gain on its website www.granfondo-cycling.com, defining it as “a true revolution”:Here is the full text of the article.