27 March, 2024

Giving every last drop at Cape Epic 2024

Every XCM lover has dreamed at some point in their life of being at the Cape Epic. Known as the Tour de France of MTB, the Cape Epic is a race that pushes you to the limit and beyond. With a total of 613 kilometers and 16,850 meters of positive elevation gain, this stage race is a real challenge. In its 20th edition, we have made our mark in the history of this epic competition.

For us, participating in an event of this magnitude is not just an opportunity, it’s a necessity. We are more than a cycling brand; we are storytellers, impassioned and tireless communicators. With every pedal stroke, we seek not only to conquer the race, but also to capture the moments that will inspire you.

Orbea Leatt Speed Company Racing


The Speed Racing Company team arrived in Stellenbosch hungry for the podium, coming close to the overall standings on several occasions. But the Cape Epic is not just a start-to-finish race; it’s an epic event where the way is full of unpredictable challenges. Stomach problems knocked Lukas Baum out of the competition with two stages to go after two podium finishes.

Their exclusive edition of Oiz with custom paint and the new Flight Attendant system will be put to the ultimate test.

Orbea Factory Team


The Orbea Factory Team, a regular at this African event, wanted to prove that age is just a number and they are still able to go against the best on the XCM scene. As the days and kilometers go by, fatigue becomes a constant rival for the riders. And when crashes happen, the situation becomes even more complicated, as the team experienced. Despite the obstacles, they managed to cross the finish line, demonstrating the true spirit of the Cape Epic.

Oiz m team xtr

The team will compete with Oiz M Teams equipped with Shimano XTR components and OQUO MP30LTD wheels.

Our teams and ambassadors shared the same passion and enthusiasm to arrive in Cape Town with the satisfaction of having delivered their best version in this 20th edition of the Cape Epic, which is now history.

During the race on South African soil, we experienced everything: falls, physical setbacks, withdrawals, recoveries, joy, heat, rain…. You can fit a lot into 8 stages!