26 September, 2022

Martin Maes on the EWS podium

The curtain fell on the 2022 EWS in Loudenvielle, France this weekend, and the Orbea FOX Enduro Team closed its season feeling strong.

Top rider Martin Maes sealed the Enduro World Series in a big way and reach glory in Loudenvielle. The Orbea FOX Enduro Team rider finished in second place at the final EWS race, working his way up to the podium during an incredibly demanding race with very challenging conditions.

The Belgian rider improved consistently in his first year with the team and delivered three consecutive podium finishes, the best result to date for our team.

This fantastic result has allowed Martin Maes to claim third place overall in the 2022 Enduro World Series. And with that, Orbea stands on the final podium of the best enduro competition in the world among the best in the sport.

This excellent season finale is the culmination of incredible work and has us excited for the future ahead.

Meet the bike that triumphs in the EWS

Behind the success is our Rallon, a bike forged in competition and designed to focus simply on speed.