12 June, 2024

OET: United for Gold

When a team works together, when everyone cares for each other, when everyone wants to help, the gold matters, but the time and effort spent on the journey to get there matters more.

This is the meaning of teamwork, which has helped us make history in the second block of the UCI Enduro World Cup races. Leogang (Austria) will forever be written in the adventure book of the Orbea Fox Enduro Team.

Leogang, Austria

After two weeks of rest, we returned to the races. The team was eager to face this race, held in the heart of the Alps, often remembered for its unpredictable weather and wild terrain. Memories from last year lingered—bittersweet memories of Flo’s victories contrasted with Martin and Edgar’s challenges. On Friday, we started with the EDR race, but Martin did not have his best day.

Martin and OET United for gold
“It was a hard day. I felt like I had no energy all day.”


Martin Maes – Orbea Enduro Team rider
Martin no tuvo su mejor día

But in competition, everything can change from one day to the next. One day you’re exhausted, pressured and suffering on the bike; the next day, you’re having fun, giving it 100% and the wet roots and rocks transform from your enemy to your ally, launching you towards gold. Unsatisfied with his performance, Martin decided to redeem himself on Saturday in the best way he knows how: winning in E-EDR.


Flo also followed Martin’s victirious lead, and the double win meant the entire Orbea Fox Enduro Team finished on top of the podium as the best team of the weekend, where each link in the chain was essential.


“It was a great weekend for the team. Everyone tried their best and helped each other. This is the camaraderie that is needed for a team to function properly.”


Primoz Strancar – Orbea Enduro Team
OET United for gold
Martin and OET United for gold
“Compared to yesterday, I felt much better today. Thanks to the support of the entire team, I woke up with energy and had a lot of fun with Wild. I haven’t enjoyed a race like this in a long time.”
Martin Maes – Orbea Enduro Team rider
“Today, between Parris and me, we had three batteries to change in E-EDR’s TAZ. We wanted to go fast and I managed to change Martin’s battery in five minutes. But I realized I hadn’t put the UCI sticker on it, and I had to go back. There was a lot of tension, but in the end, we achieved it, and everything went smoothly.”


Eneko Prado – Orbea Enduro Team mechanic

Change does not happen by magic; it doesn’t just arrive overnight. All the work, effort and camaraderie within the team creates an environment where you feel safe and see yourself capable of turning around any situation. It pushes you to believe in yourself.

OET United for gold
Martin and OET United for gold

Martin’s attitude perfectly reflects the philosophies of the Orbea Fox Enduro Team, Orbea and our organization. Despite difficult moments, we always take a step forward and try to give our best.

For this reason, we wanted to show “United for Gold” to the public, the second video of this season where you can get to know the OFET team more closely and understand the importance of each team member reaching the top in high-level enduro.

Wild, "Beyond Power"

Wild dominates in E-EDR after securing a double victory in Leogang, thanks to Martin and Flo. The bike takes you to a universe beyond power, placing you at the top of the podium.

Rallon, "Focus on Fast(er)"

Rallon has proven capable of competing at the highest level in EDR. Its ability to devour berms and float over roots in Leogang allows you to focus solely on going fast.

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