30 January, 2019

The challenge we will support is…

Before revealing the name of the person who will become Orbea’s ambassador, we need to thank you.

Thanks for the challenges you’ve shared. We read through thousands of #OrbeaChallenges2019 that covered practically every type of challenge, objective and goal. Things like taking part in and winning elite competitions in every category, Ironman competitions, international stage races and challenges such as “enjoying bicycles once again” or recovering from an injury. There were also several #OrbeaChallenges2019 with charitable purposes.

It is always a pleasure to listen to you and read about you, but even more so when you share with us your personal goals. We found many of #OrbeaChallenges2019 to be quite touching. Because in some of your challenges, we saw the values of this sport reflected in what you want to achieve: effort, sacrifice, overcoming challenges, bravery, humility, devotion and dedication. All of this has made it more difficult for us to choose the person to be our new ambassador.

To inspire ourselves, throughout the month we have also learned about the challenges of those who form part of Orbea in one way or another, from our own staff members to our ambassadors and teams. Do you really think they were going to miss the opportunity to share their #OrbeaChallenges2019?


“This year, I would like to go one step further: I want to get on the podium, perhaps take a win on the road or cyclocross,” is the # OrbeaChallenges2019 of our new ambassador Nora Freitag. But it doesn't end there… “In 2019 I would like to participate in Ötzi (an Austrian marathon) and, of course, finish it.” She continues.

But perhaps our favorite trait of Freitag's is her ambition to see more women riding bikes. “I want to encourage women to try the most beautiful sport in the world. There is nothing to lose, but much more to gain: to grow beyond yourself, to experience incredibly beautiful moments and to make new friendships with like-minded people

Welcome to the Orbea family, Nora!