The new eMX24: kids elevated

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that cycling is your hobby, your passion or even your profession. We like trails, the sensation of riding in nature and discovering landscapes that you would never uncover if it weren’t for MTB. Have you ever thought of sharing this with your kids?

Well, we’ve got something for you: our first ebike for kids.

See eMX24


Goodbye, limits.

Being a parent with an active, athletic lifestyle is not always easy. You’d love to ride your bike more, but you also recognize that there’s nothing like sharing outdoor moments with those you love the most.

Bicycle outings as a family, however, can be challenging. The little ones have no intention of pedaling uphill or for hours on end. They want to have fun, have a good time and go on all types of adventures in nature.

How can we find a balance? How can we turn these excursions into moments that you and your child will always remember? With the help of the right ebike.

A kids-specific ebike eliminates the physical difference between adults and kids and means that terrain or elevation challenges are no longer a problem. Instead, everyone can enjoy what a family excursion or ride has to offer.

While your kids will end up finding their own tastes and hobbies over time, the eMX24 kids ebike is the best way for them to discover the exciting world of cycling — and the first step towards sparking an interest in the sport, in outdoor activities or simply in a healthy, active lifestyle.

With the Enough Energy concept, they will have exactly the right amount of pedaling assistance they need: no more than is necessary, but not too little, either. Because a motor that is too powerful can also be unpredictable.

With just the right amount of energy required to go, the only thing you and your kids need to worry about is having a great time together.

Perfect for the littlest ones

Kids are obviously lighter in weight, and as a result, their capacity to manage a heavy bike is limited. That’s why we’ve put so much effort into manufacturing one of the lightest kids’ ebike on the market: 15.5 kg.

For the bicycle to be safe and easy to manage, the mechanical components, such as the brake levers, need to be adapted to kids. The same is true of the electronic components, such as the remote control and the drive system motor. What does this mean?

The remote control, called the iWoc TRIO, adds functions and interactivity to the bike, providing greater control over the pedaling assistance and battery levels.

The motor is also tuned for kids. Besides providing enough energy, the pedaling assistance is smooth and balanced and can be adjusted via the app. This ensures there are no surprises and makes managing the bike simple. Pure fun.

And since the motor is located on the rear axle and not on the bottom bracket, kids will have an easier time pedaling with no resistance whatsoever when the motor is turned off.

The chances are good that you’ll have to tell them it’s an ebike. Thanks to its seamless integration and available electronic devices, this ebike becomes what appears to be a traditional bike. Can you imagine the adventures they’ll have with it?

Your kids want to follow you everywhere. To be like you. To go where you go, and sometimes even farther. Now you’ve got a way to make it happen: the eMX24.


*Check availability of the bike at your local dealer


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