24 October, 2022

Feel the gravel

Gravel cycling is on a path of defining itself. The relatively new discipline is still discovering the depths of where it can and will go and is defining its course among the cycling community. We are experiencing a transformation of this revolution as it explores different avenues of what it stands for: adventure, introspection, competition… These concepts are all part of the gravel uprising and are worth discovering what they truly mean.

A constant rediscovery

Gravel has a different meaning for each person. While bikes have historically been rooted in competition, their wide range of uses today enable us to go farther and further, unlocking new horizons.

As Pachamama sees it, cycling is shedding its skin to reveal more ways it exists in our lives while we continue to create a place within it. That’s where gravel comes in.

More than a phenomenon

In the space between asphalt and trail, where unexplored paths exist, a gravel bike fills everything with exciting adventures.

For some people, riding gravel means combining the bike with longer adventures, immersing themselves in overnight bikepacking trips. For others, gravel is synonymous with simplicity and the quest for fast, long-distance rides on quiet routes.

We see gravel as a freedom of spirit, a tool for exploring and arriving to places less traveled. Gravel opens up adventures, both near and far, and offers a better connection with the environment and the people in it than other type of vehicles.

Humans have an inherent need for adventure, and bikes, as always, are the solution. This is where gravel was born — a response to our basic need for discovery.

But the versatility of this sport also inspires competition in its own way. We invite you to join us on the Ranxo adventure, a perfect place to discover that gravel has no limits.