28 February, 2024

The Most Awarded MTB Brand Of The Year

The end of 2023 caught us in the delightfully unusual position of having to suddenly make space in our trophy case. A lot of space. While it is certainly always within the realm of possibility and, of course, a dream of a bike manufacturer to win an award, it is neither granted nor expected, and least of all to win several in short succession.


This awards season finished with a wide range of awards coming from different judges and formats and covering a large part of our mountain bike family. This broad recognition of our products both by media outlets and riders has made us sit quite a bit taller and prouder in our saddles.

Winning so many prizes this year speaks to the dedication of everyone at Orbea and our values.


Our cooperative model allows us to do things our way, taking a long term approach. Additionally in a business model where the workers own the company we retain talent, with very few people leaving the company.

EMTB News – eMTB Brand of the year


The readers at EMTB News, one of the biggest and most important German magazines, voted Orbea as the most recommendable brand of the year. This is backed up with a bronze in MTB Brand Of The Year from MTB News. The fact that it is voted for by the readers makes it especially important for us and is a great validation of our bikes, dealer network and after sales support.

Wild, the most awarded bike in eMTB industry


Wild has been awarded “bike of the year” in both the US and UK by the most reputable media outlets in the industry such as Bikeradar, The Loam Wolf and Pinkbike. In addition E-Mountainbike has awarded us as “Best in Test”.


The editors over at Pinkbike sorted through a who-is-who of the best mountain bikes, including both lightweight and full-power, to narrow it down to just four top competitors. Wild was chosen as the best eMTB of the year.


“Orbea seems to have pulled out all the stops for the new Wild, with significant updates to the kinematics and geometry, speccing one of the best motor and battery systems, and considering the finer frame details and user interface.”


Facing a comprehensive field of competitors in a two-week long eMTB shootout is no small task, but Wild was able to come out in the top slot in the Loam Wolf’s coveted ranking.


Higher praise can hardly be found in print than the editor’s award, “the geometry is beautifully balanced, making it easy to ride fast and climb up steep and technical terrain with the help of the excellent Bosch motor. The suspension is supportive and efficient, without being overly harsh and sacrificing traction…Overall Orbea has made a masterpiece with their newest Wild,”


BikeRadar voted Wild as bike of the year, singling out the performance as well as our MyO configurator.


“Excellent performance everywhere, and its customisable spec means you can really make it your own”

EMTB News – Rise, lightweight eMTB of the year


The popular German publication EMTB News gave power to the people and did a public poll. This win is especially significant as votes are coming from real users. The format means it is also a longer-term test, speaking to Rise´s reliability and how easy it is to live with. It is also worth mentioning in the footnote that the editorial team also puts Rise at the top of the category.

“Light E-MTB of the year 2024: Orbea Rise – we congratulate you on this great success!”


But not all the awards are for eBikes.

Orbea MTBs were also recognized this year in similarly comprehensive tests.

MTB-News READER SURVEY: Oiz, XC bike of the year

Another user-voted award, this time from MTB-News. We are delighted that Oiz stood out amongst the fierce competition in the XC field.


“Orbea’s concept seems to be working: 120 mm of travel and pure race geometry. The Orbea Oiz is becoming more and more popular with our readers.”


Occam and Alma were also selected for a silver and bronze award respectively.

MOUNTAINBIKE: ÜBERRAGEND – Occam SL, Trail bike of the year

Mountain Bike is one of the biggest magazines in Germany and are renowned for their exacting tests. and they chose Occam SL as the trail bike of the year, giving it their coveted “ÜBERRAGEND” or “Outstanding” rating. Testers commented on the balance and agility, proclaiming Occam SL the perfect all rounder, offering a perfect balance of fun on the climbs and descents.


“The perfect all rounder.”


Previously both Rise and Rallon have won the prestigious “ÜBERRAGEND” award.

THE LOAM WOLF: Occam LT, Rob´s Delightful Dozen

Rob chooses Occam LT as one of his products of the year, commenting on just how much fun he had riding the bike.


“A great blend of descending confidence; a generally dialed feeling, and plenty of agility and pedaling efficiency retained”

But we know that the work to create and manufacture the best bikes in the world is an unending quest, and these awards are just the beginning.


We will continue to dream big, work hard and do it with passion and a unique point of view.