A Winner is Crowned!

This was a season filled with exceptional talent from the beginning, it was hard to tell who would take the crown along with the $30,000 prize purse and pro-contract.

With a theme of looking for the ‘total package’ from the contestants, it was a tough decision for the judges to make considering all of the challenges from fitness to racing, content creation and overall attitude when injuries and weather tested their mental fortitude.

Watch the final episode to see who will join the Orbea family below.

The Rallon, our 160/170mm enduro bike has been another main character on the show. The riders have shown their mechanical prowess by building their bikes for one of the first challenges.

Rallon was forged on the racecourse and is the obvious choice of our EWS race team, but Rallon is always ready for fun outside of the tape and loves fast laps with friends, high-5´s and near misses. Fearless, Rallon is up for hitting the biggest gaps in the park, smashing berms, and scorning braking bumps. Forget limits, forget distractions, just focus on fast.

Curious about what last year’s PBA winner has been up to? Flo Espiñeira joined the Orbea Fox Enduro for EWS and eEWS races across Europe and North America. Most impressive was her 3rd place finish at Whistler and overall winner for the eEWS races on our full-powered Wild eMTB.

Do you want to take a lap with Flo Espiñeira?

Watch the whole season!

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