2 May, 2000

Orbea, the Orca family and the Rallon: award winners of the month.

This month, we want to start with a simple message: Thank you very much!

2018 is off to a spectacular start for us, after finishing the best first three months in our history. We’ve invoiced €28 million, which is a 26% increase over the same period the year before. For this reason, a big thank you goes out to everyone who has placed their trust in Orbea.

Of course, this also includes specialized media sources like Cycling Industry, Bike Biz, Endurance Bussines and Velobiz in Germany. But in addition to this recognition earned with the support of every rider and dealer, it has also been a month in which both our road and mountain ranges have been recognized by the press.

Best Value Bike of the Year

One of the most influential road cycling magazines in the country, Cycling Plus, has crowned the Orca M32 as its “Best Value Bike of the Year,” while the Orca Aero was the second best Aero of the year and third best debut bike.

After “continuous innovations and technological development over the years, the current design (of the Orca) is the best yet,” announced Cycling Plus, the distinguished British website that gave the Orca a score of 4.5 stars out of 5, designating it as Bike of the Year in the United Kingdom.

The Orca Aero family was also present at the awards given by Cycling Plus for “Best Aero of the year” and “Best debut” to complete our awards podium in the United Kingdom.

Specifically, the Orca Aero M20 Team was selected as the second best Aero bicycle of the year and also the third best debut bike for the same period. This model has taken center stage around the world since its launch, having been described with terms like “culmination,” “landmark” and “top model.”

The Orca Aero MyO M10i Team also received best bike of 2018 honors in Spain, after the vote by Motorpress Ibérica (the publishing group that includes Ciclismo a Fondo, Mountain Bike and Triatlón), one of the most distinguished communications groups in the entire country.

Rallon, “One of the hits of the year”

The Enduralin machine doesn't want to be left out of all this press recognition. On this occasion, Dirt Magazine selected the Rallon as one of the 100 hottest Mountain Bike products of 2018.

Straight out of the box, this bike is a weapon,” is how they described the Rallon M-LTD, which “has a super stable, yet fun ride dynamic that makes the new Rallon a very enticing proposition”.“It's built to go fast and to eat up the terrain,” they go on to say.

A few kilometers away, in Australia, the publishers of AMB magazine also dedicated some ink to the “Unleashed” Rallon, as they called it on the front cover of their publication, featuring the Rallon.

Beyond the “striking” initial impression the model made on Ryan Walsch, the magazine’s tester, the Rallon M10 also impressed him with its performance on the terrain.“From charging rocks with confidence, hitting blown out berms or completely missing your line and having to improvise, it remains composed, well-mannered and eager,” Ryan said.

Occam TR, “big days”

One of the foremost specialized media sources dedicated to MTB, Bikeradar gave the Occam TR 4 out of 5 stars after a test by Tom Marvin. A “trail flyer with a focus on big days in big hills,” is how he described our most trail-ready version of the Occam TR.

The “efficient platform for logging miles” was one of the points Bikeradar stressed the most, claiming that the Occam TR H10 “is a trail bike that clearly has its DNA in XC bikes, making it an ideal partner for long days in the saddle, where covering ground is as important as tackling the descents”. “It is a bike that feels comfortable straight away.”

That's it for now. More next month!