1 June, 2018

Gain and Terra are the stars of the month of June

Even though we’re right in the middle of the launch period for the 2019 range, something Bicycle Retailer has already covered in the United States, during the month of June, a lot of attention has been given to the Gain in its all road version, and to the Terra, and the Rallon.

One of the most important articles in the month of June has been on the Gain All Road in Germany, in which Velotomotion gave the model a rating of nothing less than Sehr Gut (Very good).Besides highlighting aspects like the silent operation of the motor and the quality of the assembly, the Germans also stressed the “agile and manageable handling” of the Gain, along with its weight.

“The bicycle is so light that it can be easily ridden without the motor,” is what they had to say about the Gain All Road, which Velomotion describes as a “great success.”Something along the same lines occurred with the Gain in the Netherlands, where iBike wondered whether the Gain Road “is a road bicycle, or a bike focused on mobility.”The Dutch testers at iBike liked the “unique design” of the Gain, as well as its light weight, smooth ride both without the assistance of the motor and the versatility of the model with its different versions available, among other aspects.

Terra on stage

The other model to take center stage in June was the Terra, in the United Kingdom, Italy and Australia.

In addition to the unboxing of the “all-adventure carbon bike” Terra by Road.cc in the United Kingdom, they took the model out for a spin in Italy, as part of the test conducted by Bicimagazine.

In this test, the Terra “was proven to be a model with great performance and capable of providing sensations that were always pleasurable to us,” thanks to aspects such as the construction of the frame, intended to provide not only good levels of rigidity, but also comfort.

All of this is achieved through the “differentiation” of the frame into two parts – where the cross-section of the diagonal tube is focused on transferring full power to the road, while on the other hand, the top section with the horizontal tube, top chainstays and fork are intended to absorb the irregularities of the terrain – and with chainstays shorter than 430 mm that “improve the absorption of vibrations and make and facilitate riding over bumpy surfaces.”In short, it’s a bicycle that the Italians at Bicimagazine would recommend to those “who are looking for a single bike to do a little bit of everything.”

Katerina Nash, one of the European talents in MTB and cyclocross and rider on the Clif Pro Team, put this versatility to the test by coming in second in the California Lost and Found gravel race, in which a flat kept her from the top of the podium, according to the report by Cxmagazine.

Rallon attracts the press and riders alike

All of this attention revolves around the most important MTB media source in the world, the Canadian website Pinkbike. To start with, it served once again as a test model, this time for the new DT Swiss F535 fork. But more remarkable is how riders focused on the Rallon, with it being the subject of the second most popular article in Pinkbike during the month of June, with no less than 72,153 visits to the review of the Rallon M-LTD, which we already showed you in a clipping from last month.

We couldn’t end the new month without these experiences that you love so much, in this case, the adventure in the form of a five-day trip through Scotland by Stu Taylor on an TR. We leave you with the video of his experience:

More next month!