16 March, 2018

Orca Aero, Rallon and Gain, the trending bikes this month

The month of February brought back the taste of competition to all bicycle fans: on the road, Bryan Coquard earned his first victory wearing the Vital Concept maillot. Cycling News, one of the world’s leading websites to receive cycling news, took advantage of this race to introduce us to the Orca Aero ridden by the French sprinter.

This month, our most aerodynamic model has captured the attention of the most important media outlets in the USA. Peloton magazine paid it this compliment: “Perhaps the sexiest race bike launched in all of 2017”.In an article that named the Orca Aero as one of the “3 FOR SPEED, Peloton defined it as a “race-winning tech” and added: “The leading
 edges of the truncated airfoil tubes are also blunter than other aero bikes, giving the bike a muscular stance”.

Road.cc, in turn, gave the Orca Aero a ”First Look”, stressing that this is the first bicycle that has taken advantage of the relaxing of the UCI 3:1 ratio rule for bike design:“The key difference is in the deeper profiles of the downtube, seat tube, and fork blades”, they indicate.

Rallon, the fastest for Vital MTB

Vital MTB, the leading media source for mountain bike lovers around the world, fell in love with the Rallon, to which it gave a score of 4.5/5 in its recent review. The U.S. site also conducted a comparison test in the field with the 5 best enduro bicycles… and our Rallon was the fastest!

With the high scores that the Rallon has received since its launch, it is no wonder that the British magazine Mountain Biking featured it on its cover or that it was the star of this article by Pinkbike, in which a group of intrepid adventurers, led by our ambassador Douglas McDonald, make the most of the limitless options the Pyrenees have for lovers of the most extreme MTB riding.

Our Gain is also a trend-setter

In our earlier press reviews, we have already reflected how our road e-bike has amazed not only the top cycling publications but also the world. This month, the Gain goes even further and attracts the attention of Digital Trends, one of the world’s most important sites specializing in technology, with 28 million visits each month.

An important echo also came from Germany, where the Gain received the Design & Innovation Award 2018 this month from GRAN FONDO Cycling Magazine, E-MOUNTAINBIKE Magazine, and ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine. This award (you can find more information about it here, in our blog), distinguishes bicycles that represent an achievement in the bicycle industry for their design, innovation, and performance.

Wild FS, “one of the smoothest e-Bikes we have ridden”

Still in Germany (one of the most demanding European countries with the greatest e-bike culture), our Wild FS, our wildest e-MTB, came away with a great rating. The test by emtb-news. Tester Alex Boyce considers it “one of the smoothest e-Bikes we have ridden in an all mountain environment.” Likewise, it highlights “the combination of 29’’ wheels with great travel and an excellent full suspension,” which results in “an electric MTB to tackle practically any challenge.”

In Italy, they also wanted to try out our first full suspension e-MTB:MTB-VCO examined every nook and cranny of the Wild FS, stressing its high level of manageability. For MTB-VCO, this demonstrates “quanto una eBikepossaavvicinarsi, geometricamente parlando, ad una classicamountainbike, grazie ad una progettazionemirata e soprattuttopensata in funzione del massimo divertimento del biker”

Orbea Enduro Team, at the gates of the EWS

The Enduro World Series, the most important enduro event in the world begins on March 24 in Chile. This upcoming event has focused the attention of national and international media sources on the new Orbea Enduro Team, as it prepares its return to top-level competition.

This team camp has revived the interest of the most important global media sources dedicated to mountain biking. Both Pinkbike and VitalMTB have reported on the team’s pre-season sessions in the French town of Le Boulou, highlighting the impressions of the riders and their ambitions for the upcoming enduro season.

More next month!