15 March, 2021


It’s time to get to know what happens behind the scenes; what’s required to achieve the fastest time at the EWS, to train for and win a Megavalanche, and what goes on after a race is done and dusted. We invite you to take a lap with…the Orbea Enduro Team.

Being a part of the Orbea team means being more than just teammates. It means sharing a lifestyle, a philosophy, and a goal. …and it goes a whole lot deeper from there. Together, we share motivation, a passion, a way of life.

Behind a charismatic team like ours, there are individuals who are even more colorful and committed off the bike — who form a radical, agile, and aggressive squad from all angles. When Laura, Evan, Damien, Vid, Gabriel or Edgar get off the bike and head home, they hang up their Rallons and their hard-charging adrenaline. …or do they?

In this video series, we get to know the most personal side of the Orbea FOX Enduro Team and its members. We learn what the team is made of and what makes it so special. We learn day to day secrets about life as an enduro athlete.

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Take a lap with Edgar Carballo

We travelled to Tenerife (Spain), a land of contrasts, Edgar’s land. From humble beginnings to the Enduro World Series, along the region’s wildest trails.

Take a lap with Gabriel Torralba

In the most secluded spot of the Pyrenees Mountains in Aragón (Spain) we discovered Gabi, a rider enamored with his land and hooked on its rocky trails.

Take a lap with Laura Charles

Between Ardèche and Auvergne (France), Laura Charles trains and thrives. A rider who falls in love, day after day, with the trails in the area and the secrets that are hidden throughout.

Take a lap with Vid Persak

The forests of Slovenia are home to the everyday mischief that Vid Persak gets into with his bike.

Take a lap with Evan Wall

We travel to the global hub of Enduro to meet Evan Wall, the first Pinkbike Academy champion.

Take a lap with Damien Oton

Damien Oton shows us that Ille Sur Têt, France, is an idyllic place for both Enduro training and family life.