8 September, 2023

Tweak and Tune

It is no secret that races are tighter than ever, with a few short seconds making the difference between a podium or a finish outside the top ten. Racers and teams spend hours and hours working on the smallest details to try and find those precious seconds.

Part of this is finding the perfect set-up and tuning their equipment to perform optimally for each rider

Much of this work takes place in the off-season, but racers are also working to fine-tune these settings between and even during races.

Tweak and Tune follows our race teams as they work with our experts and key partners to unleash the best performance from their bikes

This first video follows Martin Maes as he prepares his Rallon for the race season. Working with the team and our partners at Fox, he first works on the suspension settings. Once he has those perfect, he switches his attention to his OQUO wheels.

Tweak and Tune
Tweak and Tune

This continual tuning helps Martin be faster and helps us understand how our equipment performs at these extreme level

Combined with our OOLabs innovation program, this knowledge is fed back into our product development team, helping them learn and create future products. That is key; in this way, what we learn on the race track helps make every Orbea rider faster. 

See the first episode of Tweak and Tune, featuring Martin Maes, on the Orbea Enduro Team website