Winter, finally

Winter is not a season for everyone. There are people who take refuge staying inside, cozied under a blanket and don't venture outside. That's not us. Winter is one of our favorite times of the year where we can take advantage of all our passions in one season: mountains, cold, rain and the pure heat of fire.


Biking is a massive part of our life, it’s our passion but it’s also our job. So when winter comes we see an opportunities to finally ride for ourselves. To have fun. Free from all responsibilities.

Bad weather means freedom. We love riding in the rain, through puddles, soaking wet. Knowing that most other people are on the other side of the windows.


Biking is simple. Biking makes you free. I grew up in a tiny village in Scotland and bikes were my only way of getting around. I rediscovered my passion when my uncle passed away and left me his bike. I never stopped exploring since then.

Nature is peaceful, nature is good for my soul. That need for fresh air will never be satisfied.


When I was young I’ve always been bored of normal activities and sports. I needed more. My cousin took me riding downhill with him. This is what started a fire in me. I felt that need for speed.

Mtb gives you a lot of opportunities. It pushes you to get out of your comfort zone if you want to get better. I always want to get better, I want to feel alive on my bike. I want to push myself through rough conditions and look back on it, feeling like I’ve accomplished something epic.


Cities are dangerous for me, I don’t belong there. I have to feel the earth below me. Feel it move, breathe, live. Making our own trail has been our favorite escape. Nothing can compare to the satisfaction of riding your trail. Sharing smiles and good times is what we live for.

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