27 June, 2016

Orbea, gets closer to you

For 2016, we have decided on a strategy we call ‘Closer to You,’ and we are excited to share a few details about the new programs we will put into action this year.

‘Closer to You’ is simply about where we are focusing our energy and resources. At the request of Orbea fans everywhere, we have decided to de-emphasize participation in general programs that don’t directly support our staff, customers, riders and dealers. For 2016 that means rather than attending Eurobike we will instead be working directly with our dealers and regional distributors on programs and events that help them make the most effective use of sales tools and resources.

We have identified the following key efforts as parts of the ‘Closer to You’ plan:

Closer to Local Markets with Shows and Events. We will be increasing our efforts to support local events, such as Paris Prodays, Verona, Interbike and Unibike – to name but a few; as well as increasing the number of dealer roadshows we organize throughout the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Spain and the USA. It is this regional visibility that can help grow exposure and visibility in a more carefully targeted audience.

Closer to Dealers. We introduce you to Kide, the new service that ORBEA has implemented as part of its commitment to continuous improvement and evolution in relations with its distribution network. Through a unique online platform, simply and in very few steps, you can carry out all the purchasing processes and consult information from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the need for anyone or anything else than an Internet connection.

Closer to Employees and Riders with Demo Programs. The PICO project was created to encourage and to empower our sales network. By enlisting pro-level athletes with decades of testing, riding and marketing experience, we have created staff ambassadors who will engage directly with riders, dealers and media. We look forward to extending this to our key international markets over the coming years.

Closer to Markets with Custom Products. New models like Vector and Wild satisfy the unique demands of differing strategic markets. As Orbea grows from a performance-oriented niche brand to a global brand, we appreciate the importance of looking deeply into each market and offering solutions that fit different riders. The MyO project takes personalization one step further by offering customers a completely unique bicycle, and we will be expanding the offering in 2017, while our custom clothing project (Orca Custom) takes customization of clothing to a new level.

Closer to Markets with EU Factories and Facilities. In 2015 we began a three-year, €3M effort to increase European production at a brand-new factory in Portugal. We are also investing an additional €3M to create new facilities and layout at our headquarters in Mallabia. We are increasing the scope of the MyO program by hiring staff, streamlining production processes and establishing more detailed training and project tracking systems.

Closer to our Users with additional investment in Entertaining, Educating and Engaging Riders – We have added to our team people who are responsible for creating more content in a much more flexible way to react to local demands. We have also partnered with media-powerhouse Global Cycling Network. Orbea is already visible as one of GCN’s premier brands for technical content creation.

Closer to Ambassadors and Teams. We are refining our sponsorship philosophy to create content-focused ambassador programs. Social network visibility and top quality rider-created video content will become more prevalent. We will continue to support women’s pro cycling with Fanini, Durango and Visit Dallas/DNA, and we are visible at the most important men’s races in the world with Team Cofidis and the new Murias Euskadi Team.

With such a comprehensive overhaul of our marketing, our systems and our focus this year, we are aiming to position Orbea at the leading edge of service to the cycle industry. We look forward to taking the next steps on this journey with our loyal staff, dealers, supporters, riders and partners everywhere.