25 August, 2016

4 riders, 4 medals,1 bike

Alma, our mountain bike created for the fastest riders, has had an umbilical cord attached to the Olympic podium from the very beginning, and the truth is that it hasn't stepped down from it at any of the three Games in which it has competed.

At its historic debut in the 2008 Beijing Games, Julien Absalon won the gold and Jean-Christophe Péraud took away the silver. At the 2012 London Games, it was Georgia Gould who climbed the podium, earning a bronze medal, and just a few days ago, Catharine Pendrel's new medal in Rio de Janeiro demonstrated once again that the Alma is designed for maximum performance when the time comes, providing those last few seconds of the race that marked the difference between Catharine's medal and the fourth place finish of teammate Emily Batty.

“It's incredible, it's a very, very special feeling,” Catharine commented after the race in an interview with the media in her country: “Before the trial, I thought that I would be happy with my performance no matter what, even if I didn't win an Olympic medal, but the truth is that I am very happy to have won it.” Catharine overcame a start to the race that was plagued by multiple problems, and like many other times, she fought at every turn to ultimately come way with a historic medal, the only one yet to be won by the double world XC champion.

The Canadian biker, like the rest of her fellow athletes on the Luna Pro Team, has participated in the development of this new Alma model, sharing her impressions and giving us valuable feedback from competition. Catharine defines Alma as “light-weight and fun, providing exactly the capacity for acceleration I'm looking for in a racing bike.”

Katerina Nash and the new Oiz earn an Olympic diploma

But it wasn't just Catharine Pendrel who gave a top performance on the demanding circuit in Rio de Janeiro. Katerina Nash, who opted for the new Oiz in this race, finished in fifth place, thus earning an Olympic diploma. It was an excellent result for the Czech Luna Pro Team biker and also for our renovated full suspension bicycle, which also recently conquered the World Cup in Sainte-Anne, in the hands of Catharine Pendrel.

We are also very proud of Eva Lechner's 18th place finish. The Luna Pro Team cyclist had to deal with back pain throughout the entire race on a difficult, technical circuit that she was able to finish thanks to her ability and spirit of sacrifice.

Congratulations to everyone! #RideFightWin

More info on the Alma at https://www.orbea.com/int-en/brands/alma

More info on the Oiz at https://www.orbea.com/int-en/brands/oiz