9 October, 2023

Going far beyond the Lab at the E-EDR

Do you know about the EDR-E?

It’s the E-Bike Enduro World Cup. We’re talking about the most challenging and coveted circuit in E-Bike enduro, whether for riders or teams.

The circuit incorporates the downhill special stages of the Enduro World Cup without assistance.

You can imagine the challenge of racing against the clock at full speed on tracks designed for conventional bikes. To add even more intensity, there are uphill special stages, the famous Power Stages, as they are called. All of this takes place in a single race day, with reconnaissance allowed only once shortly before the race.

Furthermore, the diversity of the locations that host this World Cup circuit must be mentioned. Teams must travel the world, encountering a vast variety of terrains, from the steep Alpine peaks to the rugged terrain of Liguria in Italy.

The organizers ensure a spectacle for the public but also ensure that only the best riders and machines can achieve success.

The EDR-E is a perpetual challenge.

As you may have understood, Oolab focuses on this circuit because we haven’t found a better way to test and optimize our machines. We are capable of conducting a wide range of tests internally and in our lab, but high-level competition allows us to push the limits of the riders’ abilities.

They need a high-performance but also easy-to-use and extremely reliable bike to accompany them throughout these events.

The situations encountered in these races cannot be replicated in a laboratory, and only racing allows us to push the limits of the equipment to this extent.

Every detail matters.

The EDR-E allows us to optimize the bike in terms of its robustness and rigidity. Suspension quality is crucial for finding the grip and traction needed to gain precious seconds against the clock, whether in descent or ascent.

The data our engineers can gather during these competitions will undoubtedly help develop even more high-performance bikes. Machines as fast uphill as downhill, with unwavering durability.

The future of Orbea E-MTBs lies in competition, and we are committed to this path with the assistance of Shimano for the motorization part.

We have accepted this challenge to offer you undoubtedly the best riding experience you can dream of.

Rise keeps up the pace

Orbea is constantly striving to optimize its products. We couldn’t have dreamed of a better testing ground than having our Rise ridden on this very high-level circuit.

The demands of the race pushed us to work closely with Shimano to optimize the drivetrain and electronics, allowing the rider to fully exploit the capabilities of their machine.

It also requires impeccable handling, combining agility to navigate the most technical sections, and the Rise certainly positions itself as the best in this regard.

Additionally, it must demonstrate tremendous stability and robustness to withstand the fastest and most aerial sections, which the Rise accomplishes perfectly, much to our surprise, considering it was initially designed as a Trail bike, the lightest in our range.

Imagine if this machine can maintain this pace at this level; it will certainly be a valuable ally in your daily life.