#OrbeaTerritory: From Aia to Northern Utah

While our roots are in Spain's Basque Country, you’ll see that #OrbeaTerritory is a global region. Below, get a small taste of what #OrbeaTerritory looks like from people who work at Orbea. But it doesn't end there: thousands of people have shared their #OrbeaTerritory with us on social media, connecting a diverse community of riders and trails together around the world.

Joseba Arizaga – Orbea Road product manager

#OrbeaTerritory: Aia (The Basque Country)

“Six climbs and descents, six opportunities to show what a good cyclist you are.

Nowadays, the material has reached such a high functional level that it’s no longer enough just to climb on a bike and offer an opinion. It’s crucial to take the time you need so that the sensations repeat themselves over time and don't depend on the day you’re having. The results, either times or power data, must be obtained from a representative sample.

It is key to know the terrain and have references and data from previous tests to make an appropriate comparison. In Aia, a few short meters from home, I have everything I need. False flats of around 3% up to the Alto de Andazarrate let you sprint and reach your top power peaks.

The climbs at Arruti from Orio and the Aia Wall, with up to 20% inclines, let you measure the benefits of good acceleration. Riding the cement trails between the local hamlets lets you discover if your bike pulls efficiently or how friendly a bike is downhill where adherence is compromised by irregular terrain.

For when it’s important to assess the geometry of the bicycle and its steering, there is the option of the 10 km descent to Zarautz, or the descents to Andatza or Asteasu, where the asphalt lets you fly between the curves. On top of all of this, there are days when the element of the weather in the Basque Country can also prove to be a factor, when the rain and snow increase the level of difficulty.

I know very few places where so few kilometers offer so much.”

Florian Bebert – Marketing Manager at Orbea France

#OrbeaTerritory: Around Chambéry (Savoie) in the French Alps, near Italy. The city has earned the nickname “The Gateway to the Alps.”

“It is my #OrbeaTerritory because it is where I was born and started riding at age 10; I know every Grand Cols around that are used for training. Here it is really easy to share rides with professional teams, top road cyclists like Simon Yates and the famous French cyclist from XCO, Maxime Marotte. You can even see an old friend of mine, sprinter Samuel Dumoulin, motorpacing before a big race.

What's more, in 1989, a true cycling legend, Greg Lemond, conquered this city, where he was proclaimed world road cycling champion.”

Doug McDonald – Orbea Ambassador / Basque MTB Manager

#OrbeaTerritoy: The Basque Country

“I live a few kilometers from the Basque coast, in a valley surrounded by mountains. There’s a singletrack that starts 50 meters from my door and continues well beyond what my physical condition would permit.

There are descents that range from hand-made jumps to very rocky trails formed by nature. I can go to some of the tallest mountains in the Basque Country, or I can ride down to the coast and enjoy the only trail that travels through there.

I’ll live here until the day I die. By then, bike riding will be even better than it is now.”

Lee Williams – Marketing Manager, Orbea United Kingdom

#OrbeaTerritory: Rhondda Valleys, in Southern Wales.

“It’s my #OrbeaTerritory because when I started to run cross-country when I was 14, my mission became to conquer that territory. Today, more than 20 years later and in spite of having traveled most of the trails a thousand times, I still have the same feelings I did when I was a 14-year-old boy. It's still my favorite place to ride on any type of bike.

This #OrbeaTerritory attracts riders such as the famous Atherton brothers, and it's also common to see cyclists like Luke Rowe or recent Tour de France winner, Geraint Thomas.

I am now passing this feeling on to my daughters so that, with a bit of luck, it will become an #OrbeaTerritory that they will use as a playground for the next 20 years or more, like me.”

Jordan Hukee – Orbea Creative Director

#OrbeaTerritory: Northern Utah (USA)

“My #OrbeaTerritory has been northern Utah for almost 20 years. The canyons of the Salt Lake Valley are famous, but some of the best places to ride are found across the Wasatch Range, near the cities of Park City, Heber and Kamas.

“The wide variety of roads with little traffic and the majestic views make them the perfect place to spend a few hours on the seat.”

What's your #OrbeaTerritory

Tell us about your #OrbeaTerritory: that special territory for you, the place where you train, where you share a laugh with the riders of your grupetto, a trail that lets you get away from it all…



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