26 July, 2018

The time of your life

Are you serious about racing the clock?

The Ordu is for the serious triathlete looking to upgrade an existing bike to something faster, lighter and more specific. Ordu is also the choice of elite or professional road racers who need a UCI-legal time trial bike. Ordu is the racing platform of Vital Concept and Orbea/Orca Triathletes.

Ordu translates to “moment” in the Basque language. It’s the perfect name for a bike created to capture the efforts of your hard training and distill them into the present, a single focus on having the time of your life. The time you push so deep into the tunnel you can’t recall the minutes spent on the road. When heart rate, wattage and gear selection completely vanish from your perception and it is only you and the bike. We all know moments like this – the rarest of events when somehow you ride beyond your capabilities and do the perfect effort. Everything clicks into place and you have the time of your life.

Do you want a bike with a winning pedigree?

Progress is incremental. The Ordu you will ride now bears little resemblance to the first Ordu launched in 2007. But look underneath the technological advances and aerodynamic improvements of each successive generation and you will always find the spirit of competition. Every Ordu was designed to win and the pedigree speaks for itself.

Dramatically improving the bike – really grabbing attention through innovation – is a challenge we relish. This fifth generation Ordu is bred from winning stock.

Do you want to turn your watts into the maximum speed?


►Freeflow Fork

Aerodynamic forks are typically designed to perform like aero frame tubes – optimized for directional movement through the wind. But the forward rotation of the spokes and today’s wider rims and tires approaching from behind the fork (against the flow of wind as the wheel spins) creates a high pressure/high drag zone.

Freeflow spreads the fork legs away from this area to reduce pressure and turbulence. Normal directional aerodynamics remain unchanged but the bike gets faster because the airspace inside the Freeflow fork blades is less chaotic.

► Mondragon Tube Shapes

Not many bike companies have the research and development capabilities of an Engineering School at their fingertips. Orbea works directly with specialists at Mondragon University in the Basque Country to analyze and test aerodynamic concepts. Our subtle improvements to a traditional airfoil are aimed specifically at helping riders go faster in conditions typically encountered on the road – Faster at lower speeds and faster at higher yaw angle.

► Mini Tapered Head Tube

The headtubes and fork steerer tubes of most performance bikes are tapered to optimize stiffness and minimize weight. But the frontal area of a standard 28.6 x 38mm tapered design interferes significantly with aerodynamics. The standard solution for aero bikes has been to use a straight 28.6mm fork steerer. This reduces the frontal area of a standard tapered design, but still uses excessive materials and volume. We decided to go a different route. We developed a 25.4 x 28.6mm Mini Taper for the Ordu headtube and fork steerer tube. This smaller taper decreases drag by reducing frontal area by 10% over a straight 28.6mm design and saves a few grams at the same time. No small improvement.


Do you want the best fit possible?

► Multisport Geometry

It’s hard to give it your all if you feel like you’re just making do. Ordu was designed under the premise that there’s no reason to settle for an almost perfect fit. With a calculated linear progression between sizes and the frankly massive range of saddle positions made possible by our symmetrical seat post, you’ll never have the nagging feeling that you’d be faster “if only…”

Ordu uses a clever aero-oval seat post that includes two clamps that vary setback by 23 and 49MM. In addition, the shaft itself can be reversed to give almost 100mm of total adjustable range. Whether you are aiming for a fit as radical as possible, or trying to keep your saddle position within UCI regulations, this post will help you do it.

Five frame sizes and our no nonsense Linear Stack and Reach geometry means Ordu will be a race-winner for the widest range of fit.

An understanding of stack and reach can explain why many small bikes don’t fit well. There are instances in the market when the smallest sizes do not offer shorter reach measurements and do not bring the head tube (therefore the handlebars) any closer to the rider than the next bigger size. How does the manufacturer advertise a full size range then, based on top tube lengths? What we’re suggesting is an evolution in bike geometry. It’s a different way to look at how to design and build bike frames that allows the Ordu to fit a wider range of riders and follow a more linear size progression. The size range of XS through XL ensures that anyone can ride an Ordu, no matter how large or small. The progressive sizing ensures that subsequent sizes grow in a linear and predictable fashion.

The simple standard stem allows the use of any 11/8” stem on the market as well as any aerobar of your choice. This makes the Ordu the easiest bike to fit.

Do you want a bike that reacts to your instant power output?

► BB Stiffness

The Ordu OMP utilizes a BB386 bottom bracket. The 46mm press-fit cups inside a wider shell ensure optimal stiffness and larger the bearings offer increased durability and maintenance. BB386 is the friendliest frame standard for 30mm and 24mm cranks. We’ve increased the BB stiffness in the frame to a level that rivals most road frames while still being super aero.

Do you want a bike that’s easy to live with?

► Electronic or Mechanical Shifting

Ordu is ready for electronic or mechanical shifting – the choice is yours to make. Cables enter the top tube behind the stem for clean, aerodynamic routing and streamlined shifting performance.

Ordu’s Hatchback technology hides a Shimano Di2 battery behind a port in the rear wheel cutout for easy access and simple setup. Once installed the battery can remain in the frame during transportation.

► Brakes

Ordu is compatible with any standard center-bolt road brake caliper, but is specifically optimized for the TriRig Omega X brake system. Shapes and angles flow together with almost no gap between brake and frame. A rear cable stop port in the rear of the seat tube provides a clean exit for the brake cable to travel directly to the caliper with no extra housing in the wind. It’s minimalist, aero and beautiful without the hassle of finicky proprietary braking systems inside the fork or under the bottom bracket.

► Rear Dropouts

Semi-vertical dropouts make wheel changes faster. No fiddling with rear-facing dropouts or adjusters.

► Multi Mount System

The Ordu is loaded with versatility and clever design. When needed, an optional seat tube storage box and top tube-mounted bag keep tools and food out of your pockets and quickly accessible. Multiple bottle mounts and triple bosses on the down tube mean several options for configuring water bottles whether you want maximum capacity or ultimate aerodynamics.

New Ordu range 2019