Take it too Far

Room for improvement is everywhere you look, and obsession is part of the process. How far is too far? 

For as long as we have had goals, competition and a creative spirit, we have pushed ourselves to win.

Once victory is tasted, it becomes an obsession to be the best. You feel it in your heart, lungs and legs – you can sense it in our bikes. Only by sweating the smallest details and pushing past what seems possible can we achieve our ultimate goals.

Multiple Olympic medals, numerous World Championships, a handful of World Cup wins, and two decades of experience in the elite racing category makes us wonder: how far is Too Far?


When the constant hunt for improvement in our carbon manufacturing yields results that barely resemble those from a few short years ago, it’s time to change the way we talk about carbon. 

With the introduction of OMX we are showing riders everywhere the direction of our lightest and most responsive racing frames. We don’t claim that OMX is a secret-sauce, it’s more straightforward than that – OMX is the pinnacle of carbon fiber bicycle manufacturing. 


OMX is for these discerning cyclists who demand the best – We use top materials and the best techniques available to the cycling industry to make superlative high-performance bicycles that you can purchase and ride. Nothing more, but certainly nothing less.


A great design and well-executed contruction yield frames that are a joy to ride – and ride them we do! But we also cut, x-ray, drill, twist, pull, crush and punish them to make them better. 

Analyzing our frames through a series of proprietary testing procedures that go beyond industry standards gives us priceless data that we apply to our design process. 

Some of this happens in a lab, a lot of it on the road or mountain – but it’s all crucial for improvement and key to offering a Lifetime Warranty.


Light is good – structural integrity is critical. Creating the lightest frame with perfectly-tuned ridgidity is the simple goal, but it’s a process that requires years of design skill and manufacturing expertise. 

OMX frames blend high modulus fibers of up to 588GPa with tensile strength of 3800MPa that help us to perfectly tune the weight and stiffness on each frame. 

The best materials are a great start; applying them to smart designs in the hands of dedicated engineers makes the final result truly exceptional. 


The highest quality prepreg carbon sheets available are laser-cut by individual frame size to minimize excess materials and overlap. 

Fiber direction and layup are tuned and adjusted with testing prototypes, and hours of premolding specific areas of each production frame before final heating ensure optimal fiber and resin compaction with the smallest amount of carbon. Smooth and even compression of the laminates is the goal; full EPS molds, Polyurethane and Latex inserts are used to eliminate wrinkles and imperfections when the frame is moulded.


Every rider is unique. We all understand that different riders seeking similar bicycles do not always have the same bike in mind. 

What’s important is that your Orbea is built just how you want it, with graphics, gearing, cockpit and component options that best match how you want to ride. 

Take it Too Far browsing hours or days of personalization options – Three new unique design schemes are available, with a fourth finish option – Matte/Gloss. Of course there are tens of thousands of color combinations at your fingertips through MyO, ensuring your bike can be personalized to your taste.

In short, you can go as far as you want with the personalization of your Orbea – this philosophy is our commitment to deliver the exact bicycle you need, just as you’ve designed it.


Few companies offer a more complete range of cross country weapons than Orbea’s XC Family, with Alma hardtail (July 23) and Oiz full suspension (July 21) models for World Cup racers, enthusiasts and first-timers alike. Fully rigid, front suspension or full suspension in 100 or 120mm configurations mean there is an exceptional Orbea XC bike for precisely every rider and every trail.

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