11 October, 2019


The 2019 Trans-Nomad was a wild, 4-day race deep in the Pyrenees. The signature race attracted athletes of international caliber, making the event highly competitive. But the race itself was no easy feat.

The Trans-Nomad is an off-the-grid race designed to push adventure to the limits. We talked with a few of our athletes for their impressions on this rugged race.

The documentary


We asked the same three questions to Orbea athletes and ambassadors who participated in the Trans-Nomad:

1.- Why did you sign up for this adventure?
2.- How would you describe the Trans-Nomad for someone who doesn’t know it?
3.- What was the best thing you experienced during the race?

Here’s what they had to say:

VID PERSAK, winner and Orbea Enduro Team rider.

1.- “When I signed up for Trans-Nomad, I didn’t really know what to expect. I’d never been in the Pyrenees before, and I had never raced blind before this week. I love to see new places, trails and meet great people, so the decision wasn’t hard. To me, this is real mountain biking”.

2.- “Trans-Nomad is probably one of those 5 things you have to experience as a mountain biker. Best atmosphere, great people, sick trails and mind-blowing nature!”.

3.- “The best feeling I got from Trans-Nomad was the wilderness of the Pyrenees. The places we went were, hands down, some of the best places I have ever been in my life. Another special feeling is sharing the whole adventure with people who have the same passion for the outdoors. Highly recommended, for sure!”.


GABI TORRALBA, Orbea Enduro Team rider.

1.- “I was asked to be a part of this great adventure, and I didn’t hesitate for a moment to sign up. I knew it would be amazing to continue discovering the Pyrenees, which is where I live. The places where the race was held, the companionship and the good atmosphere are all difficult to experience in any other race. I’ve long known that this is an adventure that I must experience at least once in my lifetime because Trans-Nomad is pure MTB”.

2.- “Trans-Nomad is a four-day Enduro race. But more than that, it’s a high mountain adventure. You can discover incredible places and share good times with other riders, and enjoy the peace of the mountains and nature like no other race”.

3.- “For me, the best surprise was discovering the trails, descents, climbs, landscapes and villages. It’s what I loved the most, especially since I live near this race and hadn’t traveled a single meter of the course. This reminds me that the Pyrenees are endless and full of surprises”.


DOUG McDONALD, Orbea ambassador.

1.- “The Trans-Nomad was an opportunity to see the trails and areas I used to work in from a totally different perspective. Plus, writing an article for Pinkbike was a great way to try and share the experience with people all over the world”.

2.- “Hard. There will be times you want to give up. But just when you reach your limit, they bring you back with the best descents and the most spectacular views, all wrapped up with a cold beer, new friends and hot food”.

3.- “Honestly there wasn’t a single moment. It all blended together. At the end of the day, the worst moments were all part of the experience, and the experience was amazing”.


MARKEL URIARTE, Orbea ambassador.

1.- “This was my fourth year participating in the Trans-Nomad. It’s an Enduro test different from the others; it’s not just competitive, it’s adventurous. Four days of adventure, getting to know the best places and singletrack in the Pyrenees, descents that test the skills of the pilot, friendship between racers and organizers… That’s what hooked me to this experience. I hope to come back to Trans-Nomad next year!”.

2.- “Trans-Nomad is a unique adventure that goes far beyond a simple race or Enduro competition. For four days, you can discover the best landscapes and singletrack of the Pyrenees in unbeatable company and environment. It’s a demanding adventure that requires prior preparation to enjoy it 100%, but the experience you have is worth it”.

3.- “We experienced many good things, but if I had to pick some of them, they would be the new places and paths that we’ve traveled (especially in the Loudenvielle area) and have the opportunity to be with riders and organizers. Thank you!”.


CÉSAR GAIRÍN, Orbea ambassador.

1.- “To experience an event organized by a great friend, where everyone who first raced it spoke wonders about the great pleasure of riding a bike in a region as impressive as the Pyrenees. Once experienced in person, it is something you can’t get out of your head and always want more of because this is pure MTB”.

2.- “Trans-Nomad Therapy is how I describe it. It resets your routine, your day to day, problems, stress, negativity… Your mind finds The Peace, the balance between spirit, mind and body without loads or pressures. Just a feeling of freedom and connection with the environment and your bike, flowing through the vastness of the mountains”.

3.- “The best experience wasn’t mine. It was the rest of my adventure companions: taking a step back and seeing the group from the outside, feeling happiness, the emotion… Seeing all those who were experiencing Trans-Nomad for the first time, how excited they were to crest the top of the mountain when, from the bottom, it seemed unthinkable. Seeing the expressions on their faces after a descent, possibly the longest and wildest of their lives. The clash of high fives as the day wore on, the heap of big smiles, seeing how the emotions flowed in a pure way… This has undoubtedly filled me with the best moments”.