1 August, 2019

2020 Rallon suspension updates

We took rider feedback and collaborated with Thomas Lapeyrie and our EWS team to determine a subtle but profound evolution – a bump in rear travel to 160mm, a kinematic adjustment to improve sensitivity and a more progressive leverage curve were combined to keep Rallon progressing along with your riding.

The linkage doesn’t change the frame’s geometry or shock length, so we are excited to announce this important update to the 2020 Rallon is available in a €249 ($299) kit that is completely backwards-compatible with any R5.

What’s NOT Different

The new design does not affect the geometry of the frame at all, and shock dimensions remain the same. For this reason we offer the linkage update kit for owners of any Rallon R5, because it’s completely backwards-compatible. Of course to match the 170mm fork spec and new geometry of the 2020 Rallon would require a fork update, check with your dealer to learn whether your fork travel can be increased or if you would need to purchase a new fork.

R5 frame geometry is unchanged.

Compatible with existing R5 rear shock.

What’s Different – Travel and Sensitivity.

Increased sensitivity and traction since the suspension is more supple. Smaller bumps and chatter from rocks and roots are smoothed out, giving the Rallon a more composed feel.

What’s Different – Progressive Stroke.

The end of the shock stroke provides more progressivity. The original R5 was 8% progressive, the new linkage is 20%. This gives more support in the middle and ending travel, improving bottom-out resistance and control when the trail gets rowdy.

What’s Different – Shock Settings.

The higher overall leverage ratio means that riders will want a stiffer air or coil spring. For instance, 175 PSI on the old linkage loosely translates to approximately 190-195 PSI with the new. A coil weight of 450 should be swapped for a 475.

Owners of an air shock may wish to change the air volume by going with one less spacer in a Float X2 or to a smaller spacer in the Float DPX. Compression and Rebound settings will likely need to be increased to adjust for the firmer air spring.

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