Our Customer Service team is evolving, strengthening its services to provide customers with an even greater level of personalization that’s adapted to the current state of the industry.

Specifically, we’re focusing on delivering technical bike support and up-to-date industry knowledge to give you the level of individualized service you deserve.

Which is why we’re announcing the launch of a new department within the Customer Service team.

Current Orbea colleague Diego Villaseca is making the move to manage our new Training, Technical Documentation and Parts department, leading a team of specialists who are enthusiastic about responding to inquiries on our most advanced products and their respective specialized technology.

“We are committed to offering real-time information that’s accessible, clear and easy to use in order to provide fast and professional service,” says María Retegui, head of Orbea Customer Service.

Diego is stepping into this role after two years in After Sales. “Diego has done an incredible job, there couldn’t have been a more suitable person for this new challenge,” she adds. 


Diego’s move to the new department has opened up a new role for Daniel Pérez, who joins the Customer Service team as After Sales Global Manager.

Daniel comes from the engineering world with enormous experience in bike manufacturing and the cycling industry as a whole.

“Adding Diego and Daniel to the team will help us deliver higher quality service and communication to both our dealers and customers,” says María.

Currently, Orbea’s After Sales team includes 10 members who are dedicated to providing personalized and specialized service around the world, with numerous team members who are fluent in German, English or French, ensuring that our international customers are taken care of, no matter where they’re located. 

These new initiatives are just a few of the many ways we’re working hard so that working with us is always easy.

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