There can only be one first

When you compete at the elite level, glory is reserved only for the best. The demand at the Enduro World Series is capitalized: every pedal stroke, every line, every little decision a rider makes determines whether they touch the sky or bite the dust. This eternal quest to be number one follows Flo, Edgar, Vid, Martin and the rest of the riders. “There Can Only Be One First” narrates that constant struggle against yourself to reach the top.

Homework done, but we want more

The 2022 EWS season came to an end with Crans Montana, Loudenvielle and Finale Ligure. The Orbea FOX Enduro Team’s performance was more than satisfactory, thanks to the team’s general classification in the e-category. This season concluded with a final party worth remembering, with the team closing the 2022 chapter in the best way possible, both individually and collectively.

But, despite the success, we always want more. Professional Enduro is physically and mentally demanding that only riders and team members experience.

“There are some results much more painful than others. If you finish 15th, you know that you are far away, but if you finish second, for example, you are close and far at the same time. The same happens with fourth place, which leaves you at the gates of the podium”

Primoz Strancar – Team Manager Orbea Fox Enduro Team

It is never enough; the limit is always a little further. But this incessant search for victory coexists perfectly with respect for the competition: rivals on the track, teammates off it. Professional Enduro thrives on the admiration and camaraderie of its riders. Competitiveness, demand and teamwork.

“When you are competing professionally, the respect and admiration for both the one in front of you and the one behind you is enormous”

Martin Maes – Orbea Fox Enduro Team rider

“Second place had haunted me for the last three races. Second, second and second… In the last round of the year, I wanted to win”

Flo Espiñeira – Orbea Fox Enduro Team rider

And they got it. But the triumph and success are cultivated from the strength of the team, from the union of the group.

This is how we approach each race; this is how 2022’s victories were achieved; and this is how we will continue to achieve each one. This is how we turn that obsession to winning, into something that is truly worthwhile.

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