22 April, 2024

So long, spring, farewell. Lotto Dstny closes a fabulous season

It is all over. The screen fades to black and the credits start to roll. No one moves from the seats, everyone whispers politely; no one wants to break the magic. The lights come on and the audience rubs their eyes, rising calmly, they don’t want to accept that it’s over.


One-day races are like movies: setup, climax and resolution, all in a single day. The emotion, the here and now, the guts, the soul and the glory, all concentrated in just a few hours.


It is also true that many of the films in this festival had a predictable ending – in the end, they get married. But how the director told the story, how we held our breath, the plot twists, the unexpected protagonists. Bravo, bravo, bravo!

The Ardennes Triptych brings the season to an end; the grand lady, la Doyenne, closes the door.


It all began in Maastricht, a few kilometers from where the big celebration was already being prepared. The Dutch city of Valkenburg paid solemn and heartfelt tribute to the sponsor of the acclaimed Amstel Gold Race, proving that not only Belgians know how to hold good cycling parties. The Cauberg, the non-place. That uncomfortable hill that goes unnoticed the rest of the year becomes the center of the world one Sunday every April.

After thirty-three climbs and 250 kilometers of a profile that more resembles an electrocardiogram, you have to have very good legs and be alert to know where and when the race is going to move. Maxim and Andreas lamented last Sunday for not having known how to read the moment to react in time.

However, we only had to wait three days to watch a different ending. That same Wednesday in Charleroi the weather forecast was not good; it was very cold and rain was expected, but few could imagine what that weather report would turn into.


One hundred and seventy-five riders started, forty-four crossed the finish line in Huy. Absolutely miserable weather conditions caused entire teams to get off their bikes. The rain, snow at certain moments, was wild.

Behind a curtain of water emerged a defiant small group of brave (or crazy, who knows) guys who had refused to withdraw. Among them was Maxim Van Gils.


Behind a curtain of water emerged a defiant small group of brave (or crazy, who knows) guys who had refused to withdraw. Among them was Maxim Van Gils.

There are many ways to win or to get on the podium and all are good, but only a few will be remembered forever.


So there he was, one of the decisive turns of the wall of Huy and Maxim decides to take off his gloves. We all hold our breath; he can’t, he manages to take off one; we breathe, he’s crazy. But hardly have we filled our lungs when we run out of air again: Van Gils, the impressive Van Gils, crossed the finish line in third place.

After this, anyone would ask for one of those Amstel beers and take a break. But Lotto can’t rest at all now; there’s one Monument left, and the team is unleashed.

The sun shines for the old Liège-Bastogne-Liège and again, Lotto Dstny shows what they have inside. Everyone works together so that Andreas Kron and Maxim Van Gils arrive at the foot of La Redoute with all options open. At our-forever-mate Philippe Gilbert’s hometown, events follow in rapid succession: Pogačar does his Pogačar thing; behind, Maxim bravely leads a pursuit after Bardet that finally ends in a magnificent fourth place for the 24-year-old, behind a certain, great, Mathieu Van Der Poel.


And so the movie ends; we did not move from our seats. It’s been an open ending. The sequel this autumn in Lombardia, “the classic of the fallen leaves.”


Until then, enjoy the serial fiction, the big tours are coming, and Lotto doesn’t stop.


In the meantime, the team parks their Orca for a few days and enjoys Orbea Diem. The new urban e-bike from Orbea adds class to your everyday life. Precision in every curve, control on every occasion and an unparalleled feeling. Effortless commutes and hill climbs because it has four times the strength of a person. How different these days would have been!



But would it all have been so beautiful?

Bravo, bravissimo Lotto!


These last days, the Ardennes profiles has taken most part of the riders to choose Orca.


When the gradient of the climb means that your speed drops, gravity starts to affect your ride more than air resistance. The gradient at which this occurs depends on each rider. Here a lightweight bike offers clear advantages.


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